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    Websites Relating to Consumer Groups

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    Please help me to write a 2-page memo in which you comment on aspects of at least two of these websites that find relevant or interesting in the context of learning more about consumer groups in the United States or throughout the world. You can pertain to the functionality of the websites themselves, the quality of the information that can be obtained, or information gleaned from these website that you found helpful.

    - Select the "Subject Area" icon located at the top left of the page.
    - Select "Spending and Time Use" located at the lower-left of the drop down menu.

    - Select a country from the " Explore Economy Data" drop down menu.
    - Review the indicators for the ease of doing business in that country.

    - Select a country from the drop down menu.
    - Review the information listed that would be most relevant to marketing.

    - Select a country from the list.
    - Review the information listed on exporting.

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    The first website that I intend to comment on is http://www.bls.gov/
    The Consumer Expenditure Survey has two surveys the Quarterly Interview Survey and the Diary Surrey. This information is important because it describes the buying habits of American consumers. The website provides data on their expenditures, income and consumer characteristics. The quality of data obtained from the website is high because it is collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics by the US Census Bureau. It is the only Federal survey to give information on consumer expenditures, incomes and characteristics of those consumers.

    The functionality of this website is that it provides important demographic information about consumer segments. Some of the information valuable is the highest education level of any member, higher income before taxes, and the housing tenure/type of area. The information that I found very useful ...

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