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Transactional and Promotional Websites

Websites have different marketing purposes. Define what a transactional and a promotional website is, explaining the similarities and differences between the two. Provide a link to an example of each, and describe why each site does an outstanding job from a marketing perspective.

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A transactional website is an electronic storefront. This type of website uses marketing techniques to convert the online browser to a buyer. Manufacturers of consumer products do not often use them (since they want to avoid conflicts with retailers who stock their products). The primary purpose of this type of website is to convert an online browser into an online, catalog, or in store buyer.

Cisco Systems website (http://www.cisco.com/cisco/web/solutions/small_business /products/routers_switches/index.html-tab-Routers) is a transactional website.

The best known transactional website is Amazon.com. From a marketing perspective Amazon does an ...

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THis solution defines transactional and promotional websites, explains the similarities and differences between the two. It also provides a link with an outstanding example for each.