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    Assessing the effectiveness of a website

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    Visit a website of your choice. Analyze the effectiveness of the website with an eye on the stakeholders and the objectives of the site.
    1. Identify the stakeholders and how the website is attempting to reach each group. In your opinion, are they successfully reaching each group? Why or why not?
    2. Are there provisions on the website to protect consumer privacy? Do they reassure you? Why or why not?
    3. Based on your review of the website, what do you believe the company's goals are for the website? What should their future goals include with respect to the consumer's value proposition?
    4. Based upon the goals you listed in question 3, identify relevant performance metrics from each of the four perspectives (customer, internal, learning and growth, and financial).

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    The website of my choice is eBay.com. This is an American multinational corporation and an e-commerce company that gives consumer-to-consumer, and business to consumer sales through the internet. EBay.com is located in San Jose, California. This website charges users an invoice fee when sellers sell or list any items.
    The first stakeholders of the website are the consumers. The company is reaching its customers successfully, the current revenues of $16.05 billion according to the 2013 figures shows how successful eBay.com is with customers. The key service provided is online shopping. EBay.com uses different forms of online advertising to place its products prominently on the website. When a customer places a search for a product on the internet, if eBay.com lists the product, chances are that the product will be appear in the search results prominently. The second stakeholder of the website is the sellers. The website offers sellers an excellent opportunity for selling their products online. Millions of appliances, computers, furnishings, equipment, domain names, and appliances are sold on eBay.com. Usually, anything can be sold on eBay.com except illegal items or those items appearing on the prohibited/restricted list. Third, the interests of its shareholders are satisfied because ...

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