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Boost Restaurant Traffic: Four Ps of Marketing Plan

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Prepare a Four Ps marketing plan for a restaurant to boost traffic.

The "Four Ps" include placement, products, pricing and promotions. Each "P" is explained as to importance for overall success and suggestions of what should be changed.

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To boost traffic at a restaurant, it is critical to engage in comparable research of others in the area to develop a sound approach to each of the "Four P's" of marketing. The first "P" would be placement. Is the restaurant in an easily seen locale? If not, does signage exist to point customers in the proper direction? If the restaurant is located near competitors, research ...

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This solution is 250 words and provides a marketing plan, utilizing the "Four Ps" as a method to increase traffic for a scenario involving a restaurant. For each "P" (placement, products, pricing and promotions) there is a detailed example of what the restaurant can do in order to be successful.