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Social Class Influences Affect the Planning of a New Restaurant in a Large City

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The two-part case study questions were:
How should social class influences affect the planning of a new restaurant in a large city?
How might the four Ps be adjusted as a result of social class influences?

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Social class influences all facets of the four Ps when planning to launch a new restaurant. The first, and most critical to consider, is product. Without a clear understanding of potential customer demands, the restaurant will fail. Social class can influence demands in a multitude of ways. Will the restaurant cater to those wanting a fine dining experience, complete with valet parking? Or will customers be those wanting "grab and go" for lunch at a reasonable price? Knowing the social ...

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This solution is over 300 words and includes a reference on the four Ps: product, price, promotion and place. There is an analysis which addresses how each factor is significantly impacted by the social class of the target customer base.

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