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    Science-based community service field trip

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    Social and Cultural Influences -- Field Trip Design

    You are a new science teacher for an elementary class. You want to get your students more involved in the community, and you plan to use science as a vehicle for this endeavor. After scanning the materials you notice how a particular lesson would be better served by a real-world experience. As a way to enhance learning and to get your students involved, you decide to plan a class field trip.

    â?¢ Investigate local opportunities for class field trips.
    â?¢ Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in 8- to 10-slides that you could share with your students about the field trip. In your presentation, complete the following:

    o Describe social and cultural influences on science education.
    o Share a specific example using the location you plan to visit.
    o Explain what students will be doing on the field trip.
    o Explain how studentsâ?? participation in the field trip will affect the community.
    o Explain what role the parents will play and how students should interact with them on the trip.

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    â?¢ Investigate local opportunities for class field trips.

    The opportunity I would take advantage of for this science-based field trip is one we recently took with our students to a local National Park. We volunteered to pick up trash at the picnic area, and the Park Rangers gave us a very informative talk about how long it takes the trash that we picked up that morning to degrade naturally in the environment. The students were shocked to learn that chewing gum can take five years to degrade. ...

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    Sample Microsoft Powerpoint presentation of an example science-related, commuity service field trip. This solution does provide a model response to follow in answering the assignment, which specifies elementary level. Upper elementary level is addressed in the sample response.