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    What is meant by the term global community

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    What is meant by the term global community? Give an example of how you can participate in the global community as a classroom teacher.

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    A global community is one in which the teacher seeks to expand and broaden her own knowledge of culturally diverse communities, within the dominant culture of the school community, and to impart that knowledge and excitement about other cultures to her students. More importantly, the desire is to teach understanding of and tolerance for differences that exist within different subcultures and this helps students learn to function and succeed within the larger global community which is the planet on which we live.

    One thing I always tried to do in foreign cultures classes is to reinforce that differences aren't "dumb", "bad" or something to be feared, but that those differences are just "different" and they are the thing that makes us interesting and individual. I also stress that we should not hate what is different ...

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