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    What is 'auditing around the computer'; is it efficient?

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    The role of the auditor has evolved from auditing "around the computer" to having to "know" technology in order to competently evaluate system controls. What is meant by auditing "around the computer" and is it efficient? Do you agree with the evolution of the role of the auditor and why?

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    Auditing 'around the computer' was a concept addressed in SAS No. 94 issued in 2001 which is truly ancient history in the IT world. The statement discussed three broad categories of computer assisted audit techniques:

    ? Auditing around the computer
    ? Auditing with the computer
    ? Auditing through the computer

    It explained that auditing 'around the computer' continued to be an acceptable procedure for companies whose computer applications were 'relatively simple and straightforward'. At that time, many applications were limited to a specific process; for example, payroll processing. The applications were not fully integrated and test of transactions could still be effective using older methods.

    Since then, companies have exploded in volume, size, geographic ...

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    The 468 word referenced solution explains the meaning of the term and the source in the literature. It further provides the progress of technology through three types of computer auditing to where we are today.