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Sociological Theories to Explain Burglaries

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After a few uneventful weeks, you receive a call from Sergeant Ferraday of the local police department. "We got a series of home invasions we think may be related. They are all occurring in the inner city areas that transition from downtown to residential neighborhoods. I was reading a magazine article that said a good psychologist could use sociological theories and ideas to explain crimes like these. If you could give it a try, it might really go a long way toward helping us catch the person perpetrating these crimes and prevent future offenses."

Which sociological theories might help explain why these burglaries are occurring?

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Which sociological theories might help explain why these burglaries are occurring?

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There are various sociological theories that can explain the occurence of such burglaries.

The first theory that is applicable to this scenario is Social Disorganization Theory. As per this theory, urban conditions affect crime rates and causes burglaries. This theory states that factors like high unemployment, low income, high drop out rates in high schools, large number of single parent households are some of the factors that leads to higher crime rates. Therefore, it appears that the ...

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