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Public Administration: Property Tax Incentives in Nebraska

In the cost analysis of public projects, there is a large factor to consider that is neither financial or political...and that is the measurement and calculation of social benefit or impact costs, one or the other, or both. One aspect to teach about public administration is how to account for the social expectations and outcomes of each and every program. Some programs require the planning and building of capital projects, so if you are the mayor, what social factors must you take into critical thinking analyses for building a city youth center, for example?

Think building an enterprise zone is really important now to create more business because hearing what I did on NPR made me further realize the new President's policies may not work. However, realizing enterprise zones is important because during these days where Bank of America Citi Financial losing billions of dollars puts a knot in my stomach towards America's future.

Can you be more specific in your listing below on what length Nebraska goes to in property tax incentives please?

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Property Tax Incentives

Social Factors

The social factors also affect the Capital Project of a city. The following social factors should be taken into consideration while building a city Youth Center -

The involvement of various people from different religions, customs and ethnicity can create hostility for the project.
The Capital Project should not increase the gap between rich and poor person of the society.
Stake holder's ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 279 Words, APA References