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Concepts in Strategic Marketing: Alliance Partners

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Describe the alliance partners while characterizing the market type as slow, fast, or standard cycle. Characterize the type of strategic alliances and what type of market Hulu is competing in. Why did this alliance form and list some competitive pressures that made this alliance a necessity for its partners. What does the future hold for this alliance?

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The alliance partners when Hulu was formed were AOL, MSN, Facebook, Comcast, Myspace and Yahoo! They called themselves distribution partners. In 2009 Disney decided to join the venture. The purpose was that Hulu would provide them with a channel for distributing their content. Later alliances were formed with CW and WWE. Hulu also made alliances to improve its distribution. It made alliances to make it available on platforms such as Apple TV, network enabled televisions, smart-phones, WD TV Media Player, Roku Streaming ...

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The characterization of strategic alliance partners is explained in a structured manner in this response. The answer includes references used.

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