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Marketing Strategies Used in Third World Countries

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Assess the challenges of marketing in a third world country and propose how to address the challenges.

Develop a marketing strategy that will encourage the villagers to pay for a WaterHarvester.

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Some of the major challenges with third world countries are the lack of basic necessities such as food, water and shelter. "The majority of people in these countries live without adequate shelter; in poverty, stagnation and poor health; and without basic human and social amenities" (Duhaime, McTavish, & Ross, 1985, p. 3). Due to these factors, marketing to those within third world countries can be a challenge. To address these challenges, the products or services being marketed would need to be geared toward alleviating ...

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A discussion regarding the challenges of marketing in a third world country and how to address those challenges. Also, a specific marketing strategy for a product called WaterHarvester. 310 words, 1 reference.