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Is marketing a universal discipline?

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1) Is marketing a universal discipline?

2) Is there any difference in the kind of marketing that has to be practiced in Indonesia or in a nation such as the United States? Explain your answer; include rationale from your research.

3) A manufacturer of satellite dishes is assessing the world market potential for his products. Should the manufacturer consider developing countries as potential markets?

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This solution defines marketing and how it is used in various situations, as well as what considerations to make when entering a foreign market in terms of marketing strategy. Six references are used and the solution is about 648 words long.

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Marketing can be defined as a process of focusing the resources and objectives of an organization on environmental opportunities and needs. Although marketing is universal, marketing practice varies from country to country depending on the external as well as the internal environment and other various factors. It is a set of concepts, tools, theories, practices and procedures, harmony and experiences.

Marketing is a universal method of practice, but it may vary according to the environment and techniques need to be applied. The marketing plan has to be changed depending on customers, competitors, channels of distribution and avail media of particular industry of company. During past few years the concept of marketing has changed and evolved; companies have started focusing on strategic marketing rather focusing only on product marketing. Now companies focus on getting all information regarding their customers, products, government policy, product policy, socio and economic culture etc. Marketing plan should be designed in accordance with resources, circumstances, and objectives. Marketing involves matching the business environment the organization faces with the companies' strategic advantages (Onkvisitand Shaw).

A multinational corporation has to take various aspects into consideration while entering into any foreign land. Following is the list of factors that a multinational corporation has to consider to adjust their marketing ...

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