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The use of comparison and cause & effect strategies

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Ehrenreich and Fuentez draw on a number of rhetorical strategies to advance their argument. Explain their use of comparison and cause and effect analysis.


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This is a rhetorical analysis of an article for the use of Comparison and Cause & Effect strategies.

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Life on the Global Assembly Line (1984)
the writers utilize two rhetorical techniques in their article: comparison and contrast in the first half of the article and cause-effect in the second half. This sequence is quite effective because the readers get to know the current situation of women labor in third world and how bad it is before learning about the causes of that situation and who is responsible for it.
Comparison and contrast
• The first world is keeping the secrets of sophisticated industries while giving the third world labor the minor, depleting jobs
o This means cheap, third world labor does all the dirty work while the first world labor reaps all the benefits and make fortunes.
o The writers support this comparison using ...

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