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    On Your Mark is preparing to release its first Annual Stockholder Report since the company's recent initial public offering (IPO). The accounting department has already prepared and provided the financial statements and ratios (see below) for the most recent year. Now all the division managers are meeting to help create the written analysis portions for the annual report keeping in mind all the stakeholders who will be reading this information. ( i.e.,shareholders, regulators, investors, security analysts, credit rating agencies, etc.) Using what you know about On Your Mark from the scenario above, the financial documents, and details from your previous tasks, create On Your Mark's first Annual Stockholder Report for its' stakeholders. Provide as much detailed analysis as possible to your shareholders for each of the following areas, keeping in mind how the users of this information are likely to use it:

    Summarize the nature of the firm's business and its business strategy
    Assess the internal and external risk factors for the firm
    Provide an analysis of the financial condition for the firm
    Evaluate the firm's credit worthiness
    Discuss the competitive position of the firm
    Summarize the financial and accounting control procedures in place to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory agencies

    Use the attached spreadsheat;

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    // Every company issues annual report for its existing and potential stockholders which contains data and information related to financial performance and growth of the company, which are in the interest of stockholders. In this paper, there is a discussion of all the aspects of the company, which can affect the decision making process of shareholders. This paper contains relevant information about the company for the stockholders.//

    This is an annual report for the stockholders and contains the relevant information, which is concerned with their interest. On Your Mark has prepared this report with the intention to serve its existing and potential stockholders for taking further decision regarding the investment in the company or in the concern of the company. The company is glad to inform the financial performance for the last year to its stockholders, as the company is progressing at high speed, which is an indication of better return and growth in shares prices.

    Nature and Strategy of the business

    On Your Mark has established its grocery and consumer goods retails all over the country. The company provides all kinds of consumable and durable goods to the customers. The company is also entered in financial services consultancy, as there is a lot of scope in this business. There are forty retail outlets all over the country to serve the customers. The company also provides free home delivery and advices to customers to increase the business and face the competition from competitive firms. The company has many new and exciting strategic, operational and tactical initiatives.

    The organization is innovative and focused on continuous improvement, which will provide the base to arrive at better financial results in coming years. The company has a strategy to open seven new outlets for increasing the market share market and reach of the products to the customers (Kazmi, 2008). Another strategy is to change the method of production and provision of services to lower the cost products and services, so that the selling can be maintained at increased rate in a competitive environment in order to face the stiff competition from the competitors.

    Internal and External Risk

    The internal control system of the company is very effective which helps to a great extent in resolving the conflicts within the company. There is some indication from the labor unions for demanding higher labor rate, which may cause low amount of profit in the coming years. The company is ready to face this problem, if it will arise, as there are strategies for providing more non-monetary facilities without any cost to the workers. This will cause reduction in increasing total cost of production due to increase in the labor cost. The nature of business is of such kind, which itself is an indication of internal risk as the groceries and ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1834 words with references.