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    Directness of Marketing Decision for GolfLogix

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    Case study: "GolfLogix: Measuring the Game of Golf"

    The case study describes the company GolfLogix and their product, a GPS system that shows the golfer the distance to the hole after each shot. Originally, the intent was to market the GPS system to golf courses; however, the company is now considering marketing directly to golfers.

    Make a recommendation on the best course of action for GolfLogix. Should they stay with the original plan to work with golf courses or switch to selling directly to golfers?

    Justify your decision with specific details from this week's readings and from the case study.

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    In this case, we're dealing with a product that is exclusive to golfers, and as such, there's a few main points we need to consider. If we compare the number of golf courses with the number of golfers, we would undoubtedly find that golfers are at the top. We have to look at how each choice limits us, and if there are any specific advantages or disadvantages to each choice. If we market to golf courses, we're basically at the will of golf course management. ...

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    This solution discusses the GolfLogix case, and makes a recommendation on the best course of action.