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    Global Business Risk

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    Based on your country risk analysis, prepare a response in which you explain how you would address the following within the context of your selected country:

    Human resources management (HRM) and cultural factors.

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    The human resource management should be on the basis of creating work groups having person that are local and persons from the parent country. The groups should be motivated by closeness of relationship building and not pure monetary incentives. The locals should be given due respect. The training for the locals should be based mostly on demonstrations. They must be shown how things are to be done rather than telling them or giving them responsibility. The preciseness of instructions is also very important in achieving efficiency. Most importantly, the locals should also be recruited on supervisory positions and should be encouraged to lead. It is helpful to have ...

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    This solution talks about the country risks involved in a global business venture. It analyzes each risk given in the problem.