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JC Penny Marketing Plan

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Discuss the problems that JC Penny experienced over the Christmas season with their marketing plan. You should discuss how the CEO was involved in this decision making process. Please also discuss any recommendations that you might have for this well-known brand named store.

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As the American economy struggles to recover from the recession, many businesses and organizations look for new ways to increase their presence within their industry. In saying this, the evolution of integrated marketing communications, also known as IMC, has become a focal point for many public and advertising affairs departments. The goal of IMC is to consolidate their marketing efforts and streamline how it's pushed to the consumer while maintaining the organizations core attributes and goals in how they want the product perceived at large. However, one such known department store has attempted to reinvent consumer perception and marketing techniques during the holidays.

J.C. Penny CEO Ron Johnson has deviated from the traditional marketing techniques since taking over the job in November 2011. His strategic approach was to reduce/alleviate sales during holidays and alleviate acceptance of coupons while adding additional price tags to products. The concept of his marketing approach is to provide the consumer with every day sales by adding the ...

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The expert discusses the problems that JC Penny has experienced over the Christmas season with their marketing plan.

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Now look at the marketing for your favorite department store. In this case I chose JC Penney. The assignment is as follows:

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I am having a hard time finding the information needed, and what information I do have I'm not sure I am addressing the assignment correctly. Having a hard time getting going on this. Any help would be appreciated.

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