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Global E-Commerce Trade-off

Choose two companies from the following list of successful global retail companies (or two of your own choice). The retail supply chains utilized by your chosen companies must be extensive and include e-commerce elements.

o www.lowes.com
o www.JCPenney.com

Describe the reasoning you believe contributed to the trade-off decisions in the following areas:

o One product line over another----JUST THIS ONE PLEASE

o One supplier versus another
o Customer experience (Internet versus both Internet and retail)
o Product costs
o Returns/customer service

Conduct research using the Internet or other resources and provide factual data to support your paper.
Format your paper according to APA standards

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//In this paper, we will discuss two global retailers, I.e. JC Penny store and Lowes store. This paper will also focus on the product lines of both the companies. //

JC Penny is the biggest departmental store in the U.S. This store deals in the apparels and in the home furnishing products. It has the largest catalog business. It has been an innovator in increasing the efficiency of the supply chain. JC Penny's objectives to attain success in the business are: Quality of the products, Volume of the products and quick delivery of the products. Lowes is the second largest store in the home appliances and it ...

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The response address the queries posted in 405 words