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    Now look at the marketing for your favorite department store. Write an analysis describing the media plan it uses and how it achieves the marketing strategy for the store. Discuss what works effectively and what you would do differently. Describe the techniques you would use to benchmark and monitor the media plan. Search for business reports (news items in Forbes, Fortune or other mass media publication) or university case studies that discuss the department store's marketing initiatives for support or additional information about the store. Use specific examples to support your analysis

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    Favorite Departmental Store: JC Penny

    STEP 1
    The marketing strategy for JC Penny:

    The opening of standalone stores;
    Repositioning of the store as a premium store; still remains a competitor of Sears.
    Introduced upscale brands with the intention of building a chic image;
    Focused on internet sales; crossed the 1 billion dollars sale mark in 2005.
    Record apparel sales and furnishing sales through the internet;
    Women's apparel market targeted.
    Back to the school campaign that targets school going segment.
    The strategy of increasing per store sales;

    This material is taken from a press release from the site: http://ir.jcpenney.com "In an effort to make an even stronger emotional connection with kids and teens and maintain its leadership in the Back-to-School season, J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE:JCP) today launched a new integrated marketing campaign to highlight the Company's exciting styles and leading brands. As the nation's premier retail destination for denim, special sizes and school uniforms in trend-right styles at smart prices, JCPenney has proven to be a consistent leader of the Back-to-School season.

    "As the number one department store destination for teens and number one children's apparel retailer in the mall, the Back-to-School season is an exciting time for JCPenney to reinforce to our customers that we have the styles they want and that JCPenney is an easy and exciting place to shop," said Ken Hicks, president and chief merchandising officer. "Next to the holiday season, there is simply not a more important time period for the retail industry than Back-to-School. That is why we have devoted enormous attention to building on our leadership position in the Back-to-School season and expect that our customers will not be disappointed when they come to JCPenney to shop in our stores or online at jcp.com."
    "You've Got It Inside" -- Integrated Marketing Campaign
    On July 16, JCPenney will launch its new integrated marketing campaign designed to reach kids and teens on a deeper level. Through print, broadcast and online channels, the "You've Got It Inside" campaign achieves relevance to youth and supports their individuality, yet still remains approachable to Mom. "It" refers to the power kids and teens have to express themselves and at the same time inspire and influence one another. The Back-to-School television ads, featuring music by rising band OK Go, showcase different teens' and kids' rooms along with JCPenney merchandise that reflects their own personal styles. Television ads targeted toward the Hispanic market feature a similar format with music by Puerto Rican reggaeton star Daddy Yankee.

    Mike Boylson, chief marketing officer, said, "Kids' rooms are their shrines of self-expression. They reflect their style, what makes them happy and how they like to spend their time. Through our new advertising, we want to tell teens across America that we can help them express themselves and that we understand what influences them." http://ir.jcpenney.com

    STEP 2
    The media strategy of JC Penney:
    The media plan of JC Penney includes:
    Using a broad range of internet media;
    Using TV commercials during programs that are targeted at children between 14 and 34;
    Showing the TV commercials also from website;
    Using the website as an advertising medium;

    There are four perceptible targets.
    The 'Back to the School" segment: That is the age group of 14- 32 years of age.
    The premium segment that would purchase products like Arizona Jeans and Worthington;
    The internet customer;

    Reinforce the chic image of JC Penney.
    Support the corporate image of JC Penney that took a beating during the 90s because of tepid offerings.
    Increase the sales through the internet at the rate of 35%.
    Increase the per-store revenue at the rate of 20%

    The budget for advertising during 2005 was $400 million.

    This material is taken from the press release on the website: http://ir.jcpenney.com "Mike Boylson, chief marketing officer, said, "Kids' rooms are their shrines of self-expression. They reflect their style, what makes them happy and how they like to ...

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