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National media plan vs. local media plan

What is the difference between developing a national media plan and a local media plan?

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National vs. Local Media Plans

A media plan establishes the appropriate media vehicles for a campaign. Three components of a media plan are to define the marketing problem, translate the marketing requirements into attainable media objectives, and define a media solution by formulating media strategies (Entrepreneur, ΒΆ6). Those who are successful media planners will have selected and scheduled media that will reach as many of the target audience as frequently as possible for the least amount of cost.

Media Objectives in Media Plans

Target Audience

Both national and local media plans must select a target audience. These are the people whom the media plan attempts to influence through various forms of brand contact (Li, 2007). If an advertiser chooses to attract competitors' customers ...

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In 458 words with references, this solution contrasts national vs. local media plans, including target audience, demographics and psychographics, communication goals, and products.