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    Now look at the marketing for your favorite department store

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    Now look at the marketing for your favorite department store. Write an analysis describing the media plan it uses and how it achieves the marketing strategy for the store. Discuss what works effectively and what you would do differently. Describe the techniques you would use to benchmark and monitor the media plan. Search for business reports (news items in Forbes, Fortune or other mass media publication) or university case studies that discuss the department store's marketing initiatives for support or additional information about the store. Use specific examples to support your analysis.

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    Corporate Information and Media Plan

    J. C. has been pinching pennies by closing stores in its department and drugstore operations. The retailer's chain of more than 1,000 JC Penney department stores in the US and Puerto Rico, has found itself squeezed between upscale competitors and major discounters like Target and Wal-Mart. In 2005 Penney plans to open 20 new stores, a dozen of which will not be located in shopping malls. JC Penney understands how to fully leverage multiple-channel synergy as retail giant. The company is simply redefining the role of promotion in the retail environment which at Penney means stores, catalogs and online. That translates into added-value opportunities that could include sweepstakes, VIP/preview nights, gifts with purchases and tie-ins with licensed properties rather than the usual dollars- or percentage-off discounting favored by many retailers. Part of this strategy ...

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