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    Organizational structure to increase effectiveness

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    ? Resources: Virtual Organization Portal

    ? Use the following scenario to complete this assignment:

    You are an I/O consultant who has been hired by Kathy Kudler, President of Kudler Fine Foods, to provide her with recommendations for a new organizational structure to increase organizational effectiveness. The background information regarding the company may be found on the Internet portion of the Virtual Organization and the details regarding the internal structure of the organization may be found on the Intranet portion of the Virtual Organization. On the Intranet site for the organization, refer to the sections entitled:

    o Organizational Charts
    o Job Classifications
    o Job Descriptions
    o Policies & Procedures

    ? Create an organizational chart.

    ? Present the owner of Kudler Fine Foods with an alternative organizational structure.

    ? Include the following:

    o Justification of the alternative design or of the decision to remain with the current structure.
    o Summary and explanation of changes in authority and control.
    o Summary and explanation of changes in areas of specialization.
    o Summary and explanation of changes of coordination.

    ? Provide rationale as to why there are no changes if you have identified no changes in authority and control, areas of specialization, or changes of coordination.

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    Please find guidelines for writing on Change in Organizational Structure.

    Change in Organizational Structure

    Kudler Fine Foods is a local upscale food store in the field of specialty food, located in the San Diego metropolitan area. It has three stores in the metropolitan area. The mission of the company is to provide the finest food in the effective consumer environment. The business operation of the Kudler doesn't include any purchase department at any location. The purchasing order is made on the basis of collective requirement of all the three stores. The combine purchase order reduces the cost of purchase for all three stores. The legal expenses of the company are also lower.
    Current Organizational Structure
    An organizational structure can be explained as the hierarchical process of the authorities and responsibilities in an organization in order to accomplish a common objective of the organization. The structure of the organization can be formed in several ways and styles based on the goals and objectives of the business. The organization structure helps to determine the modes in which an organization would be operated or performed (Cummings & Worley, 2008). Through the organization structure the allocation of responsibilities to the several functions and processes can be expressed effectively.
    The main objective of Kudler Fine Foods is to become the premiere gourmet store by providing the customers finest meats, cheeses and wine. Currently, Kudler consist of three stores and each store includes the following departments -
    • Bakery
    • Meats
    • Produce
    • Cheese & dairy
    • Wine
    These departments have a department manager for each department to control the business activities of the stores. The department managers are assisted by the one or more assistant department managers. The current organization structure of Kudler Fine foods are based on the functional organizational structure. A functional organization structure can be defined as the organizational structure, which are classified the responsibilities and authorities according the different functions in the organization.
    In the functional organizational structure organization within the department perform a specialized set of tasks. It causes an increase in the specialization of the individuals. It also enhances operational efficiency within the group, which produces benefits for the firm. The functional organizational structure is quite significant for the accomplishment of business goals and objectives as this type of structure is best suited for the production of standardized goods and services at a large volume with lower amount of cost (Daft, 2009). In this type of organizational structure the efficiency of the organization could be measure after the integration of the entire business activities.
    The stores of the Kudler Fine Foods have the divisional or departmental organizational structure as the authorities and responsibilities are allocated as per the department in each store. The departmental organizational structure ...

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    Organizational structure to increase effectiveness is examined.