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Woodland Nature Center

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The date for the Woodland Nature Center's annual conservation symposium is rapidly approaching. The Symposium will feature a nationally renowned author on Birds, Birdwatching and Habitat restoration. Although the overall media mix is still being determined for the Center itself, you need to market the symposium NOW. Draft a plan that outlines the media mix components you will use to market the symposium. Your goal is to use this symposium's media plan as a test for the plan you have recommended for the Center.

* Use at least three media components and include a direct marketing technique. Describe each component and why it is important to use.
* Identify one other marketing technique and explain why you will not be using it.
* Include the benchmarking and monitoring techniques that will be incorporated to measure the effectiveness of each component.
* Identify a plan to change your approach if a measurement technique indicates that a particular media is not effective.
* Estimate the overall costs for implementing the plan. How much will it cost to attract each participant (think of this in terms of advertising impressions)?

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// In this paper, we will prepare a plan that outlines the 'Media Mix Components' for marketing a conference, featuring a Nationally renowned Author on birds, bird watching and habitat restoration. We will also highlight the various techniques being used for the same. As we move ahead, this paper analyzes the various mediums of marketing such as radio, television etc. along with their respective scope and coverage. //


The Woodland Nature Center's conservation symposium is approaching greatly and continuously. It develops conservation policies for the protection of wildlife and natural habitats of birds. Currently the media mix is marketing the plans and policies of the Centre. To make its symposium more popular the centre wants to market it more through the application of some more components of media mix (The Oak Woodland Bird Conservation Plan).

Media Plan

The Centre wants media plan to market the symposium at a great level in the market. A media plan suitable for the Centre should be made on the basis of selection of time and space in different media. This plan will help the centre to advertise the symposium for the accomplishment of its objectives. The media plan contains target audience, reach and frequency. The media used in media plan can be in two forms mass media or niche media (Advertising Media). The three media components suitable for the Centre are Television, Newspapers and radio.

Television is the best media from among all the media options. It has both audio and visual facilities. This is one of the most powerful media that marketers can use to promote their products and services. Television has the highest reach of all the media thus provide the advertisers with the mass market coverage they need. Television attracts around 40% of the total advertising spending.

// In the given section, television, newspaper and radio will be discussed because they are the essential means of communications. Their coverage and scope will be discussed below.//

Television is very important to use by the Center because it has enabled the medium to become the most popular and preferred medium for the audience. The key advantages of the television are its reach and audio visual characteristics. Television ...

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The response address the queries posted in 1399 words with references.

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How to tackle the Media Plan for Woodland Nature Center

To deliver an effective media plan, you need to tell and present a consistent story. To ensure there is consistency across the organization, you need to create a communications guide or handbook. The Foundation staff will need to be trained on using the handbook and management must endorse and enforce it. The handbook should include guidelines and examples of the following elements and features:

WF brand
Brand logo with examples of how to use it in every client communication - templates for letterhead, business cards, brochures, PowerPoint slide layouts, web page layouts, research papers, billboards, CD labels, email layouts, etc.
Color palette (including color schemes for graphs)
Typeface(s) to use in all media (include when bold, italics, underlining are used or not)
Photography library and clipart
Guidelines for radio and TV ads
Guidelines for sales promotion items (coupons, premiums - hats, clocks, cups, etc.)
Guidelines for call center automatic answer and staff answer
Guidelines for press releases, and
Any other pertinent information that would be useful to staff.
Include at least one element that will be marketed differently to individuals and business (conference center) clients.

Group portion: Come to a consensus on your overall approach to developing these materials. In addition, develop recommendations for a training program to teach the staff how to use the handbook and the approval process for producing any communications.

Individual portion (powerpoint format 5-7 slides) - Prepare a presentation outlining guidelines, justification, and design for one of the elements featured in the handbook. Use the approach generated during the group discussion.

Sophistication of the graphic design is not a priority at this point, but some attempts should be made to describe or present graphic elements that will be appealing to the target audience.

Background for organization:

The Woodland Foundation (WF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of the Woodland Nature Center. Several families who donated their neighboring farms to the local park district established WF 50 years ago.

Recently, WF completed their first business plan with the park district. The plan was undertaken to determine why visitors to the Woodland Nature Center have declined and what changes would be needed to bring them back. The plan includes improving the nature center's buildings, hiking paths and interpretive signage, and program offerings.

WF has decided to focus program development on teens and young adults who are not served by regular park programs. WF co-sponsors family programs with the park district with the objective of creating life-long conservation minded citizens. WF's program goals are to create activities that become "traditions" that all participants cherish and attend annually.

You are WF's new marketing director and are tasked with developing the integrated marketing strategy. Two sacred program offerings must be promoted - and hopefully - expanded in content and attendance.

There is no program for volunteers. So, all work is completed by the WF board or park district employees. The membership database is a list of names in a word processing document. And there has not ever been any informal or formal market research conducted. A new concert series and recent art exhibits were not evaluated to know whether the attendees would like to see more of these programs. In fact, the success of any of WF's programs is not known.

Fortunately, you are not inheriting any media contracts or legacy advertising programs. You need to determine what media mix will appeal to your audience, and then develop the action plan to implement the media plan. Your goal is to use an integrated marketing strategy to achieve the following vision.

By the year 2012, with the support of the local park district, the town's citizens, and generous donations to WF's capital campaign, WF will grow into one of the nation's premiere conservation areas. Specific goals include:

Facility: WF's buildings will be transformed into a handsome complex of meeting rooms, exhibit galleries and assembly spaces. The architecturally significant home will be restored and become a popular retreat location for the region's non-profit leaders and corporate executives. Business function attendees will return with their families and friends to enjoy the center's quiet beauty.
Programming: In collaboration and with the support of the local park district, lectures, conferences, musical performances, art shows and other activities in the facilities will attract visitors and devoted supporters.
Education: Expanded classroom facilities in the original buildings will accommodate a growing number of environmental education offerings for school children from the town.
Community: The Woodland Foundation will be an important player among the region's nature-oriented institutions. WF's energetic volunteers have launched several successful special events.

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