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    Woodland Nature Center

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    The date for the Woodland Nature Center's annual conservation symposium is rapidly approaching. The Symposium will feature a nationally renowned author on Birds, Birdwatching and Habitat restoration. Although the overall media mix is still being determined for the Center itself, you need to market the symposium NOW. Draft a plan that outlines the media mix components you will use to market the symposium. Your goal is to use this symposium's media plan as a test for the plan you have recommended for the Center.

    * Use at least three media components and include a direct marketing technique. Describe each component and why it is important to use.
    * Identify one other marketing technique and explain why you will not be using it.
    * Include the benchmarking and monitoring techniques that will be incorporated to measure the effectiveness of each component.
    * Identify a plan to change your approach if a measurement technique indicates that a particular media is not effective.
    * Estimate the overall costs for implementing the plan. How much will it cost to attract each participant (think of this in terms of advertising impressions)?

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    // In this paper, we will prepare a plan that outlines the 'Media Mix Components' for marketing a conference, featuring a Nationally renowned Author on birds, bird watching and habitat restoration. We will also highlight the various techniques being used for the same. As we move ahead, this paper analyzes the various mediums of marketing such as radio, television etc. along with their respective scope and coverage. //


    The Woodland Nature Center's conservation symposium is approaching greatly and continuously. It develops conservation policies for the protection of wildlife and natural habitats of birds. Currently the media mix is marketing the plans and policies of the Centre. To make its symposium more popular the centre wants to market it more through the application of some more components of media mix (The Oak Woodland Bird Conservation Plan).

    Media Plan

    The Centre wants media plan to market the symposium at a great level in the market. A media plan suitable for the Centre should be made on the basis of selection of time and space in different media. This plan will help the centre to advertise the symposium for the accomplishment of its objectives. The media plan contains target audience, reach and frequency. The media used in media plan can be in two forms mass media or niche media (Advertising Media). The three media components suitable for the Centre are Television, Newspapers and radio.

    Television is the best media from among all the media options. It has both audio and visual facilities. This is one of the most powerful media that marketers can use to promote their products and services. Television has the highest reach of all the media thus provide the advertisers with the mass market coverage they need. Television attracts around 40% of the total advertising spending.

    // In the given section, television, newspaper and radio will be discussed because they are the essential means of communications. Their coverage and scope will be discussed below.//

    Television is very important to use by the Center because it has enabled the medium to become the most popular and preferred medium for the audience. The key advantages of the television are its reach and audio visual characteristics. Television ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1399 words with references.