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    JC Penny Generic Strategy

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    Which Generic Strategy? JC Penney has faced an identity crisis in recent years. Select the optimal generic strategy for JC Penney to pursue so the company achieves sustainable competitive advantage. Support your selection with researched sources. Include the generic strategy you have selected in the subject field of your initial post.

    Should JC Penney pursue a different generic strategy for the different markets it competes in? What are the strategic implications of changing its strategy?

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    The generic strategy that JC Penny had used earlier was differentiation. It faced identity crisis when in 2011 it introduced everyday low prices. This was cost leadership strategy. Specifically, JC Penny followed the strategy of premium pricing and used coupons for discounts. The customers directly received coupons and this appealed to their emotions. The customers felt smart and encouraged them to talk about the discount with other customers (1). When the customers redeemed their coupons, they felt a sense of achievement. This feeling was gone when Ron ...

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