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Task method for budgeting marketing promotions

If a marketing manager uses the task method to budget for marketing promotions, are competitor's promotions spending levels ignored? Explain your thinking and give an example that supports your point of view. 250 words or more please.

Web 2.0 Marketing: Purina Friskies Milkoholics Case

1. Read the Purina Friskies Milkoholics case study adapted from the Direct Marketing Association International Echo Awards 2006. Although Purina Friskies Milkoholics made use of e-mail and the Web, Friskies wants to create more engagement with customers through use of Web 2.0 tactics that incorporate user-generated and social ne

Marketing Pitch with Slides

Lets say that you are invited to attend a Brainstorming Conference, a meeting of elite entrepreneurs and marketing executives. Use this forum to discuss a new product or service you wish to launch. It is also acceptable to create a small service-oriented business that is unique to your service area. My goal here is to apply a

Scope of Small Business Marketing

What is the scope of small business marketing? What do you think the differences in marketing might be if you were a manager in a large corporation?

International Marketing: Indian Business Culture

What do you need to know about the Indian business culture to aid in the success of the meeting? Assume that your goal is to get the Indian company to help you distribute your product with their already established distribution channels. Suggest three strategies you think would work to accomplish this goal.

Influences on Marketing

Who would be involved in the purchase if a nonprofit hospital were planning to buy expensive MRI scanning equipment to detect tumors. Explain your answer and describe the types of influence that different people might have.

"High-involvement" and "low-involvement" purchase decision

Describe a "high-involvement" purchase decision you have made and a "low-involvement" purchase decision you have made. How did these differ? Did you research on the internet for either of these purchases? What were some alternative choices if you did not chose the ultimate products your purchases?

Source Credibility

What is meant by source credibility? How does it apply to developing a consulting career and or consulting business? If you have experience with it, what have you done or what will you do to develop your source credibility? What is your source credibility with potential employers or clients?

Executive Succession, Reengineering & Strategic Marketing

1) What is executive succession? Discuss the hiring of insiders versus outsiders, and provide examples of each. 2) What is reengineering? What are the seven principles for reengineering proposed by Michael Hammer? Explain which principle is most important in your opinion? 3) Select a new product that you have been introd

Advertising to Children in Schools

Advertising to children in school is morally objectionable to many people. Some of the reasons used to criticize the practice include the following: First, children at school are a captive audience. Second, children are not yet autonomous and are typically unable to make the kind of rational distinctions that we attribute to adu

Benefits of using a CRM

What are other benefits of using a CRM? Think about it from the perspective of a consumer, not a marketer. Are customer expectations typically out of line with the product or service being offered? Or is the experience that changes the customer's perception?

Developing a Print Media Plan

1. American Express wants to launch a Delta Air Lines Gold financial card to target prospects that are male or female and are high-value frequent business travelers, who have already shown they are willing to pay nearly $400 for a financial card. Amex has asked you to develop a print media plan that would use magazines to reach

International Marketing/Discussion

Choose a country with a political structure different than your own. Then, respond to the following questions: - Tell which country you chose and describe its political structure. - Discuss two political risks that you foresee in doing business with this country. - Tell how you might minimize the risks of your

Ways a firm can adapt a product

Sometimes a firm will market one standardized product in all international markets. In other circumstances, a firm will adapt the product for certain international markets. When a firm decides to adapt, what are three general ways in which they can adapt their product?

Business/Marketing of a Casino

Format is 5 essay question and need to be well written. 1. How has the history of developing the regulations for the gaming industry impacted the regulations for the current gaming industry in Massachusetts? 2. How do marketing promotions help the gaming industry as a whole and the casinos individually? Use at least 3 exa

Fails, Flops, and Other Global Marketing Foolishness

The global marketplace is full of examples of companies and marketers who misunderstood the countries in which they tried to trade. From simple things like proper names and labels (see www.engrish.com for amusing examples) to completely ignoring local conditions, marketers have tried it all. Search the Web to find examples of

Strategic Marketing: Pepsi

Identify the Following for Pepsi: 1. Product/Brand - Identify and describe key features, sales, profit margin, market share, cost structure (primarily fixed or variable) 2. Corporate Background - Sales, Profits, Product lines, Brands 3. Market/Industry Analysis - Size and growth trend 4. Market Segmentation - How is the d

Barriers to Exit in the Cell Phone Industry

Hi, I'm working on an assignment about the "Cell Phone Industry Analysis" and I can't find information about the barriers to exit from this industry. Please provide me with any information you may have. Thank you.

Starbucks and Clay Christensen's milkshake analogy

Resource: Milkshakes: Understanding the Job video I need help getting started with this. Determine and list the basic utility of Starbuck's coffee. Identify Starbuck's current marketing and promotional strategies and explain how the manufacturer wants its consumers to use it. Use Clay Christensen's milkshake analogy and

Product and Product Marketing

Develop a written proposal outlining a specific product or service idea you have as the product manager for Triangle Solutions. Triangle's company type and product area have been left unspecified in order to allow you creativity in invention of your own product ideas and exploration of areas of interest in the market. You may no

Techniques in Marketing: Business or Consumer Demographics

1. Most businesses market either to businesses or to consumers. This changes the kind of data each type of organization will need to maintain. Define the main differences in building a marketing database for consumers versus businesses. Think in terms of the sources of this data, the differences in data fields, and the kinds of

Consumer Relationships

Describe two companies that you have a 'relationship with' (this could be via their loyalty program like Hallmark Cards or Delta Airlines) and discuss why you continue to be loyal to these companies.

Abercombie and Fitch Discussion

Please answer the following questions regarding the above mentioned store.. What were some of the business issues that retailers, like A&F, faced in the early and mid-1900's? How have these issues changed over time? A&F paid $50 million to settle three lawsuits charging it with racial discrimination. Do you think the