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Intensive, Selective, and Exclusive Distribution Strategies

Organizations/retailers have three options for distribution intensity: intensive distribution, selective distribution, or exclusive distribution.
Then select an example of a product or service for each level of distribution intensity. Why do you think this might be the case? Explain your answer.
(example: intensive distribution would apply for bottled water, as this is a convenience product that the brand wants available to everyone & everywhere; supermarkets, drug stores, vending machines, etc.)

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Intensive - paper towels, kleenex, milk, hot dogs, etc. Products that we commonly find in a variety of stores are put through an intensive distribution strategy. The products are available basically everywhere we go, from grocery stores (supermarkets) to convenient stores, dollar stores, etc. The goal is to have the product accessible to as many ...

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This solution explains products or services based on their optimal distribution intensity. A thorough discussion is provided.