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    Web 2.0 Marketing: Purina Friskies Milkoholics Case

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    1. Read the Purina Friskies Milkoholics case study adapted from the Direct Marketing Association International Echo Awards 2006. Although Purina Friskies Milkoholics made use of e-mail and the Web, Friskies wants to create more engagement with customers through use of Web 2.0 tactics that incorporate user-generated and social networking tools. How could Friskies Milkoholics take advantage of this trend? Do social networking tools make sense, given the passion and interests of pet owners? What specific social networking tools would you recommend? Why would you choose one over the others?

    2. You would like to conduct an e-mail campaign for your new online gourmet cookie business. Describe, in detail, two ways you can develop your own online database of names and e-mail addresses of qualified customers. How would you maintain your list once you had compiled it?

    Stone, B., & Jacobs, R., (2008). Successful direct marketing methods (8th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Publishing.

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    //The Purina Friskies Milkoholics is a very well-established dry Cat food company. It mainly generated its sales using emails and web marketing tools. This paper will explain what web 2.0 tactics it can use to create more engagement with customers. It will also include the advantages of using these tactics //

    The Purina Friskies Milkoholics used e-mails and web as a marketing tool educating the pet-owners about the lactose intolerant metabolism of cats and promoting their product, which contained milk essentials that are good for cats. Friskies can engage more with customers through Web 2.0 tactics, i.e. through the social networking tools. These tactics provide great opportunities for user engagement and involvement. It helps propagating the product and its uses at a more panoptic level. The product and organization details can be written on all web 2.0 sites such as twitter, facebook, wikipedia, myspace, flickr, youtube, etc. the content can be put as flash message or a blog can be written. They can also use banner-ads or photo-contest activities as ...

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