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Pricing as an Art and a Science

Discuss the concept that pricing is "both an a) art and b) a science." 2. Find examples of industries or products that fit the following objectives for pricing: a) survival; b) current profit maximization; c) market share leadership; and d) product quality leadership.

Depreciation Expense Calculation of a Machine

ABC Marketing recently purchased a machine that coast $80,000 (Cost). The machine is expected to last 4 years and has a residual value of $6,000. Calculate the depreciation expense to be recorded each year using the "Declining - Balance depreciation method"

International Marketing and the internet

To what extent does the internet aid the international marketing efforts? Does its success depend on the product or service offered? Is it also impacted by the technological progress and educational levels of potential consumers in the target market? Are there any concrete real world examples?

Marketing Strategy Choices

Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as a framework, prepare a marketing strategy for one of the following four choices by identifying an appropriate need level for the target audience and developing a suitable appeal: -Girl Scouts -GNC's (General Nutrition Center) new anti-oxidant line -A candidate for president -An upscale

Marketing Study Questions for Review

1. Your company has developed a new educational electronic game. Your target market is 4-6 year old children. What research methods would you use to test this product concept? Choose at least three methods that you believe will provide valuable information, and describe your research strategy. 2. New products fail at a very h

P & G Pet Food Launch in Mexico

I need some help with the following scenario: As the Marketing Manager for Proctor and Gamble's Pet Nutrition and Care division you have been asked to consider launching a new dog food product in Mexico. What factors would you consider?

Internet Purchasing Product Online

Think about times when you purchased a product online. What cultural or personal factors influenced your decision? What do you know about your purchase now that you didn't know before making it? If you have not made any online purchases, why not? Why have Internet sales jumped in recent years? How is promotion used on the Intern

Marketing and Customer Satisfaction

1. Describe what type of marketing research your company will need to use in order to support its marketing strategy. Create a list of questions or issues that your company will need to settle using marketing research. 2. Describe how your company will examine customer satisfaction, and what will you do to create customer lo

Marketing & Communication/ Implementing Strategies

a) What other considerations are important when working to communicate with customers and prospective customers regarding product development? What are other great sources for market research during the product development process? b) As a marketer you are promoting a high level of service and consistent expectations. Any s

Non-Store Retailing

What are the categories of non-store retailing and how each might benefit from an Integrated Logistics System? Give at least one example of a product or service that corresponds to each category.

Services Marketing

Need help with question: How does the marketing of services differ from that of marketing products?

Grassroots Marketing

Explore grassroots marketing efforts for Proctor & Gamble. Explain whether or not product managers are using Twitter, blogs, chat rooms, etc. to promote their product and whether or not you believe it is successful.

Marketing Flyer

I have done a flyer before, but not in Microsoft publisher. I think I can figure out the words, but I am confused on how to measure the effectiveness of the mailer. Can you give me some pointers! Assignment: As a part of the campaign for a new gourmet foods store, advertisement flyers will be sent through direct mail to

Marketing tends to be very fluid

A) Marketing tends to be very fluid. What are your thoughts on making changes to the plan or its various elements mid-year? What impact would changes make on other departments or aspects of the business? B) Any thoughts on how to fully research the social and cultural influences for a specific target audience? How would you

Marketing - Pull and Push Approaches to Promotion

A small company has developed an innovative new spray on glass cleaner that prevents the buildup of electrostatic dust on computer screens and TVs. What are two examples of low-cost push approaches and two examples of low-cost pull approaches that will effectively promote this product?

Strategies and tactics

Why is it so important for marketing managers, when engaged in marketing planning, to successfully deal with both Marketing (Big M) and marketing (little m) elements? What would be the likely negative outcome if a marketing plan paid a lot of attention to strategies and little attention to tactics? What would be the likely negat

CRM and Marketing

CRM is referred to as an "enabler of great marketing." In what specific ways does CRM enable great marketing? That is, what can a marketing manager do better because their firm effectively practices CRM?

Global vs. International Marketing

I need help with this question: We currently operate in a business environment driven by technology and trade agreements that provide companies access to multiple environments. The marketing discipline has been forced to evolve and adapt to this environment. Companies still need to apply marketing planning discipline to be su

Defining Products: What Are They?

Please provide help in answering these questions: What is a product? Identify and explain what products are being offered by a shop that specializes in bicycles; by a travel agent; by a supermarket; and, by a new car dealer.

Traditional Marketing vs. Online Marketing

I need some help with getting started on the following questions: What are the differences between the traditional marketing and marketing in the online environment? What are external marketing environment factors? What is the e-marketing program strategy process? How are the target market customer characte

Commercial Airlines Elements of Buying and Service Delivery Proces

I need help in getting started with the following assignment: Commercial airlines are part of the service industry. For them, it is critical to make the best of every interaction with the customer. 1. Analyze the key elements of buying commercial airline services. 2. Create a diagram detailing the service delivery process i

Challenges of Marketing Both Wholesale and Retail Goods

Please help with the following problem. Provide a brief solution to the problem. Determine the challenges of marketing both wholesale and retail goods by comparing and contrasting the differences between these types of goods and the challenges of each type of marketing.

Selecting a Vendor for an Organization

How would you go about selecting a vendor for your organization? What are some issues that may arise when selecting a vendor? How would you solve them? What types of vendors are used in your organization? What are some negotiation techniques that may be used to achieve a mutually beneficial purchasing outcome?

Global marketing

1. What is the difference between ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric, and geocentric management orientations? Is one preferable for companies to use? Why or why not? 2. You are an American traveling in the Middle East. As you are leaving Country X the passport control officer at the airport tells you there will be a passp

Distribution of Services and Goods

Assume that you are the marketing manager of a hospital. Write a report indicating the distribution functions that concern you. Discuss the similarities and dissimilarities of distribution for services and for goods.

Placing and Filling an Order

What is the process for placing and filling an order in your organization? What are some auto pay systems used in your organization? Why were they implemented?

Stakeholders in Today's Economic Climate

In today's economic climate, retailers are continuously conducting sales in order to get customers in their doors. What is your view on the short-term and long-term effects of continuous sales to all stakeholders?