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Creating the Brand Phenomenon

I need some help getting started on the following questions:

From doing some Internet research; answer the following questions related to Starbucks.
a) What has Starbucks done to create the brand phenomenon?
b) From a marketing perspective, what is Starbucks doing to survive in difficult economic times?
c) How will this strategy affect Starbucks in the long term ?

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One of the most valuable items Starbucks currently owns is not its coffee, locations, or assets, but its brand. Starbucks has managed to build a brand that is immediately identifiable and recognizable by consumers throughout the world.

What Starbucks has done to build its brand however, is very interesting. They took a product that is already popular, coffee, and presented it in an inviting environment that aims at enriching the customer's experience. Emphasizing authenticity, style, and elegance to every aspect of the process, from the store appearance, to the coffee cups used, to the syrups offered, and even the colors used in the store. Its approach to building a brand concentrated on two areas: the product quality itself and the customer's experience through enhancement ...

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The expert creates the brand phenomenons. What Starbucks has done to create the brand phenomenon is determined.