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Evaluate Barnes and Noble Nook (e-reader)

The task is to evaluate the Barnes and Noble Nook (e-reader) and how marketers use consumer behavior to promote their products. The degree of buyer involvement and degree of differences among brands, (include Amazon Kindle and Apple Ipad as main and only competitors in comparison), Need recognition, pre-purchase search and evalu

Consumer Behavior question

Companies spend millions of dollars each year for celebrities to appear in their marketing communications. Explain why this might be a good investment. That is, discuss the reasons why celebrity endorsers are effective.

IKEA's Marketing Approach to Maintain/Improve Current Success

See the attached file. 1.How does IKEA develop and maintain long-term customer relationships? 2. What is the key to success in IKEA's customer satisfaction and retention 3. As the newly appointed Director of Marketing for IKEA, you have been asked to explain the reasons for the company's growth and popularity. Is it val

Marketing: Competitive strategies for product comebacks; worth of businesses

Product comebacks. Long-established brand names are finding it necessary to update their competitive strategies in order to keep up with a continually and rapidly changing economy. For instance, Volvo moved away from emphasizing safety to advertisements that appeal to younger customers. Find three examples of brands or products

Marketing: Auto Industry Use of MSRP; Various Promotion Methods

1. Provide examples of companies who conduct business using the direct and indirect channels of distribution? What is the relationship between these two types? 2. Noise in marketing is everywhere. Regardless of which promotion method is used to influence attitudes and behavior, whether it be personal selling, mass selling,

Consumer Behavior question

Harry is a sales representative for a provider of computer network systems. Part of his job entails that he understand the firmographics of companies to which he tries to sell his company's products and services. Explain the concept of firmographics, and discuss the different factors that make up a firm's firmographics and impli


1.What are the strategic issues in FedEx's marketing implementation and control 2)What are the approaches used by FedEx in marketing implementation? 3)As interviewee for the job of Director of Marketing of FedEx, Company Chairman Fred Smith has asked you to read his "C" paper. In return, he wants you to report back to him

Analyzing how consumer-product relationships influence consumer decision

Describe your experiences or observations with product positioning within marketing strategy through analyzing how consumer-product relationships influence consumer decision making, application of strategies toward product positioning, and integration of promotional strategies within a marketing plan. In what ways does your comp

Consumer And Buyer Behavior

I am looking for help in coming up with ideas for consumer behavior concepts. There is an article pasted below that is the source of information for this assignment. Show the use of 3 or more consumer behavior concepts, or introductions of the campaign that uses 3 or more consumer behavior concepts. Discuss how company applie

Marketing: Rationale and factors for price differences; inventory turnover rates

1. Select a product or service. Then select three different organizations that provide your selected product or service and compare the prices associated with your selected product or service. What is the difference between the prices among the different organizations? What is the rationale for this difference? 2. Sometimes t

Leading Globally to Create Synergy

Leading globally to create synergy for success. Imagine that you work for Apple (iphone division) and have been asked to lead a multicultural marketing team in India. How would you convene and run your meetings if you are based in the United States? What strategies might you employ to maximize the team's chances for success

Understanding 21st century developments - CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Read this article, posted online, about an American Airlines employee who was fired. The author of this article suggests the employee was just being "engaging." Robles, Patricio. American Airlines Fires an Employee for...Customer Engagement. or-custom

Social & Environmental Issues that Affect Buyer Behavior

Describe your experiences or observations with how social and environmental issues affect buyer behavior through the determination of environmental factors influencing the behavior of consumers, how cultural and cross-cultural differences influence marketing strategies, how subcultures and social class influence the decisions of

Develop an advertising campaign for the product.

Product: A health drink Develop an advertising campaign for the product. The campaign will be broken down into 2 parts: explanation and justification for the advertising campaign, followed by the ad itself. The explanation/justification portion should include the following: -Target market chosen for the new beverage an

Developing Information, Launching Challenge, & Types of Data

1. Internal company databases are used by many marketing managers for identifying marketing opportunities and problems, planning programs and evaluating performances. How do internal company databases differ from marketing intelligence and marketing research as methods for developing marketing information? 2. Which do yo

Marketing: Price, Value and Markets

Please help with the following marketing problems. Provide brief answers for each. Discuss the relationship between price and value. Does a low price necessarily mean a better value? Give an example to illustrate your opinion. How can a firm offer good value in a mature market where price is the only visible means of differe

Marketing Plan Phase 1 for the Mystical Mop

I have to come up witha 350 words stating the marketing research approach I would use to develop the marketing strategy and tactics for the Mystical Mop. New Product: Mystical Mop Company: S. C. Johnson ( Why: Parents want clean floors and they need something better than the old

Fragmentation of Society: Current Scientific Methods

Given the increasing fragmentation of society, and an apparent desire for greater individuality among consumers, are current scientific methods of analysis and segmentation a short-sighted oversimplification? (We should choose examples from own experience or find appropriate cases on the Web that you can discuss. Of course,

Please address the 3 questions regarding Harley Davidson marketing. These questions will cover (1) impact on the internet on personal selling (2) sample radio copy and (3) relationship building recommendations.

(1) With the rise of the internet, customers can easily find information regarding Harley Davidson motorcycles. Doesn't this contradict Hal's emphasis on personal selling? Why or why not? (2) Write copy for a radio advertisement for Hal's Harley. Discuss how the concept of integrated marketing communications impacted your me

Marketing competition

Although market competition is important in today's markets, a company must also consider its customers. Building customer relationships to create a profitable relationship is necessary when designing its strategies. A company can become so competitor-centered that it loses focus on maintaining profitable customer relationships.