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New-product development process for a summer service in a beach resort town

Explain in detail how you would use the new-product development process if you were thinking about offering some kind of summer service to residents in a beach resort town.

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1) Idea Generation:

During this stage of the process, I would brainstorm, and determine what the exact needs are in the town where I am going to offer the summer service. I would determine what services are lacking in the town, for a summer resort. I would gather research through various means, including surveys, and through talking to the residents and visitors to try and determine where their interests lie - what service would they fund beneficial to the town?

2) Idea Screening:

I would take all of the ideas that I have generated in step one, and further analyze each idea to see which ideas could prove beneficial. If the idea seems unrealistic, or a concept where demand would have to build slowly over time, it is likely that the ...