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References in APA Format

Hello could someone help me put these references (websites mostly) below in APA FORMAT.

Chesapeake Beach Town Council (2012). Retrieved from

The town of Chesapeake Beach. Fy 2012 exhibit a. Retrieved from

Tyler technologies(2012). Retrieved from:

SAP (2012). Erp software sap. Retrieved from:

Uslfinancial Inc. Retrieved from:
Microsoft dynamics erp (2012).

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business solution software for everyone. Retrieved from

PDS Vista (2012). Retrieved from

Tyler technologies: Incode Product Suite (2012). Retrieved from

website link in APA format please go to link and format in APA:!tab=specs

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Here you go. Formatted copy is attached.


HP. (2013). HP ProLiant ML300 Servers. Retrieved from!tab=specs
Microsoft Dynamics. (2013). Enterprise resource planning. Retrieved from ...

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