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Comparing Mexican vacation spots

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Ray and Connie Hernandez are a young couple in their late 20s. Ray is a successful electrician and Connie is a paramedic. Connie has just read a book, Heritage of the Maya, which has prompted her to consider spending an eight day vacation at a Mexican destination. Ray wants mostly to relax; to enjoy some sun, perhaps do some snorkeling, eat well, and enjoy at least night entertainment.

1. Which of the following hotels would be the poorest choice for them?
Las Hadas
The Acapulco Princess
The Calinda in Cuernavaca
The Fiesta Americana in Cancun

2. Which of the following would be the best destination for them to explore the Mayan heritage?
Los Cabos

3. Which would probably not be something they should consider?
A club Med vacation
A cruise
A day trip to Chichen itza
A stay in Mexico City

4. Rain would definitely dampen things for the Hernandez couple. What month would be the best recommendation?


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1) Note by the review links below, that all are coastal resorts except for "C", which would involve a drive for snorkeling - although it does boast some lovely museums

a http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g150791-d152264-Reviews-Las_Hadas_Golf_Resort_and_Marina-Manzanillo_Pacific_Coast.html

b ...

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Explores a Mexican vacation scenario utilizing comparisons of climate and entertainment features of several destinations

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