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Compare and Contrast Time off Policies in Canada and Mexico

Need some background for a HR debate in business class on paid time off policies in Canada and mexico. I need information in comparing and contrasting the two countries that include main points about each country.

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Canadian employment law states that employees are entitled to 8 to 9 annual paid holidays. Employees are also entitled to two weeks vacation time along with a sum of money as vacation pay. Vacation time increases to 3 weeks after 6 years of employment. The amount of vacation pay is 2% of the employees' pay for the preceding year per week of vacation. Employees are eligible for 17 weeks of paid maternity leave during pregnancy and after childbirth.

In Mexico, employees are entitled to one day off with full pay for each 6 days of work completed (Monday through Saturday). Employees are entitled to a yearly vacation, which should not be less than 6 working days. For each additional year of work, employees are to receive 2 additional ...

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This solution offers an explanation of paid time off policies in both Canada and Mexico. Following is a comparison and acontrast of the two policies.