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Scenario applying critical thinking

Illustrate a scenario applying critical thinking to a work-related decision, and the importance and benefits of critical thinking in the decision-making processes.

Family Orientation: Marketing or Other?

According to Kotler and Keller (2008), "From parents a person acquires an orientation toward religion, politics, and economics and a sense of personal ambition, self-worth, and love. Even if the buyer no longer interacts very much with their parents, their influence on behavior can be significant. Almost 40% of families have aut

Customers and Marketing

"The well-known 20-80 rule says that the top 20% of the customers often generates 80% or more of the company's profits" (Kotler and Keller, 2009, p. 130). Do you think that the top 20% of the customers should get preferential treatment since they generate 80% or more of the company's profits?

Kinshasa Abroad- African Cuisine & Culture Diagnosing marketing

Complete the Project Read Case 2, Kinshasa Abroad - African Cuisine and Culture (A), on page 515 in your textbook, and complete questions 1-2. Write your responses in APA Style, complete sentences; provide specific examples when applicable. As with all material you submit to your instructor, check for correct spelling, gramm

Memo- Calvin Klein

A competitive analysis for that business opportunity using the business opportunity that your Learning Team has identified in Week Two.Conduct a memo to your prospective business partners in which you complete the following: Write · Describe the results of your competitive analysis. · Explain the characteristics

Create focus group with 3 subjects on purchasing a big ticket item

1.Put together a structured focus group of 3 people who have in common the recent purchase of a similar big-ticket item (ex. house, vehicle, television, higher education). (PLEASE REMEMBER, A FOCUS GROUP IS DIFFERENT THAN A GENERAL SURVEY) 2. Find out about the purchase through the focus group. 3. You'll want to base you

marketing forces impact

I need to identify 3 marketing forces that will impact the type of service I choose and describe each force and analyze why show it will impact the service. My service is criminal justice and self defense training.

what is consumer behavior

Define consumer behavior and discuss the underlying premise of consumer behavior, the marketing concept. Why is consumer behavior rooted in the marketing concept? Support your position in a minimum of 200 words. Respond to at least two of your classmates' posts with substantive posts. Posting "I agree" postings will not be eligi


Select an advertisement to which you have recently been exposed. It can be in any paid communications medium, such as TV, radio, newspaper, or magazine. The ad that you select should be one to which others in the class can easily relate, such as Verizon's "Can you hear me now?" ads or the Aflac ad (with the white duck that squaw

Presentation notes. Selected organization is Calvin Klein.

Create presentation notes on niche marketing and customer involvement for your team-selected organization. Include speaker notes for each of the slides. The presentation should explain the following: · Potential target market niches for your selected organization · USP strategies involving customer inp

Product Endorsements-How They Affect Consumer's Perception

1. Provide a research background on how the selection of endorsers can affect a consumer's perception about the brand being represented. 2. Include examples of a good match and bad match and explain the implications of both situations with regard to the short-term health of the product or brand.

Apply consumer behavior principles to marketing strategies

Apply consumer behavior principles to marketing strategies based on the iPhone. include the following information: ? Explain the roles of learning and memory theories in developing marketing strategies. ? Recommend product, pricing, promotional, and place and distribution strategies to successfully reposition the prod

Integrated Marketing Communications Role

Integrated marketing communications plays a vital role in the promotion element of the marketing mix. The following discussion will help you deepen your understanding of promotion: What characteristics of Las Vegas visitors suggested that an integrated marketing communications campaign would be necessary? Why did t

At the Hard Rock Cafe, like many organizations, project management is a key planning tool. With Hard Rock's constant growth in hotels and cafes, remodeling of existing cafes, scheduling for Hard Rock Live concert and event venues, and planning the annual Rockfest, managers rely on project management techniques and software to maintain schedule and budget performance. "Without Microsoft Project," says Hard Rock Vice-President Chris Tomasso, "there is no way to keep so many people on the same page." Tomasso is in charge of the Rockfest event, which is attended by well over 100,000 enthusiastic fans. The challenge is pulling it off within a tight 9-month planning horizon. As the event approaches, Tomasso devotes greater energy to its activities. For the first 3 months, Tomasso updates his MS Project charts monthly. Then at the 6-month mark, he updates his progress weekly. At the 9- month mark, he checks and corrects his schedule twice a week. Early in the project management process, Tomasso identifies 10 major tasks (called level 2 activities in a work breakdown structure, or WBS):talent booking, ticketing, marketing/PR, online promotion, television, show production, travel, sponsorships, operations, and merchandising. Using a WBS, each of these is further divided into a series of subtasks. The following table identifies 26 of the major activities and subactivities, their immediate predecessors, and time estimates. Tomasso enters all of these into the MS Project software. Tomasso alters the MS Project document and the time line as the project progresses. "It's okay to change it as long as you keep on track," he states. Activity Description Predecessor Normal Time (weeks) A Finalize site and building contracts --- 7 B Select local printer A 3 C Hire production manager A 3 D Design promotional Web site B 5 E Set TV deal D 6 F Hire director E 4 G Plan for TV camera placement F 2 H Target headline entertainers B 4 I Target support entertainers H 4 J Travel accommodations for talent I 10 K Set venue capacity C 2 L Ticketmaster contract D 3 M On-site ticketing L 8 N Sound and staging C 6 O Passes and stage credentials G 7 P Travel accommodations for staff B 20 Q Hire sponsor coordinator B 4 R Finalize sponsors Q 4 S Define/place signage for sponsors R 3 T Hire operations manager A 4 U Develop site plan T 6 V Hire security director T 7 W Set police/fire security plan V 4 X Power, plumbing, AC, toilet services U 8 Y Secure merchandise deals B 6 Z Online merchandise sales Y 6 In all projects the Project manager faces a number of challenges and/or conflicts. A) Identify five challenges the Rockfest project manager may face. B) How would you recommend that the project manager deal with these challenges

At the Hard Rock Cafe, like many organizations, project management is a key planning tool. With Hard Rock's constant growth in hotels and cafes, remodeling of existing cafes, scheduling for Hard Rock Live concert and event venues, and planning the annual Rockfest, managers rely on project management techniques and software to ma

Tapped Social Networks

How Six Apart Tapped Social Networks The company pioneered blog software. But with the advent of social networking, was it ready to branch out? By Patrick Cliff You couldn't blame Ben and Mena Trott for feeling satisfied, even a little smug. The couple's San Francisco software company, Six Apart, had helped fuel one of the I

prepare a report for one product commercial

THE SUPER BOWL REPORT: The Game will be broadcasted on network TV and/or ESPN. (The paper will be about 2 to 3 pages, double space, and 12-point font.) 1. You are to select and write about ONE (1) PRODUCT COMMERCIAL. The only exception will be that you cannot select or write on the anticipated "ABORTION" commercial that will be

Hospitality Marketing Effectiveness Memo

Assuming the role of a marketing consultant for the selected hospitality organization and selecting any hospitality organization such as a hotel, restaurant, fast-food operation, or convention bureau (ex. Hilton, Starbucks, Burger King, Marriott, McDonald's) o Prepare a memo to the selected organization's CEO in which the eff

Strategic Marketing: Brand and Brand Personality

Read these articles: Hagerty, James R. (2011 October 31). Harley, WIth Macho Intact, Tries To Court More Women. Wall Street Journal. Johnson, Robert (2011 December 19). The Good Life: When Heaven Is a Harley: The 50-plus crowd is having a belated romance with motorcycles. Wall Street Journal. Respond to each of the f

Direct and Indirect Channels of Distribution

As part of the Marketing Mix, Place, or Channels of Distribution, is important to understand. What is the difference between direct channels of distribution and Indirect channels of distribution?

Analyze the impact of external and internal influences

Analyze the impact of external and internal influences on consumer behavior and marketing strategies. Select three external influences and analyze the impact that these influences have on the marketing strategy for the iPhone.