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Kaiser Permanent Advertising Effectiveness

http://xnet.kp.org/newscenter/pressreleases/nat/2011/091411thriveads.html Also, you can view/listen/see the ads at the following sites.... www.kp.org/thrive and www.youtube.com/kaiserpermanenteorg Questions 1. In terms of services marketing, why do you think this is effective? Does it appeal to you relative to other hea

Marketing: Task Method to Budget Promotions

If a marketing manager uses the task method to budget for marketing promotions, are competitor's promotions spending levels ignored? Explain your thinking and give an example that supports your point of view.


You need to select one of the proposed target countries for your company's expansion: Japan, South Africa, and the U.K. The presentation includes a minimum of 8 content slides with 100-250 word notes per slide. Also, include your references on a final slide, using APA style. Your total presentation should include 10-12 slides.

Think of how the US Air Force (USAF) that is marketing itself

After reading the below articles; think of how the US Air Force (USAF) that is marketing itself. This organization has products and product lines just like any other company/organization. Example of a product would be 4-year enlistment contract with a guaranteed job in the Air Force. Now, assume that you are the newly assigne

In-Depth Insight Into Marketing Strategies

How might marketing strategies influence buyer behavior in local markets? How does the strategy change to accommodate foreign markets? Which strategies are easier to market and why?

Global marketing implementation strategies

Identify at least two different global marketing implementation strategies. Which country would each work best in and why? Respond to at least two other students' posts where a different country from yours is identified. Do you agree with the approach identified? Explain.

The Role of Promotion in Marketing: Compare strategies for Rolex and Timex

See attached file. Questions/Tasks Assume that you are the newly hired promotion manager for Rolex and Timex. Compare the promotion strategies for the two products and brands. How does each company tailor its promotion to reach its own target market? (1) Where do these brands advertise? On the Internet? On television

Vertical Marketing System

A contractual vertical marketing system: is exemplified by a florist shop that buys a wholesale plant nursery. is very similar to a conventional marketing channel of distribution. operates with a channel leader. is exemplified by the Subway sandwich shop franchise system.

Marketing: Misconceptions, challenges, impact, customer value, change drivers

The Learning objectives for this chapter are as follows: ? Identify typical misconceptions about marketing, why they persist, and the resulting challenges for marketing management. ? Define what marketing and marketing management really are and how they contribute to a firm's success. ? Appreciate how marketing has evolved f

Rolex Watches versus Timex Watches Comparison

Please help with the comparison of Rolex Watches vs. Timex Watches with the following question. (1) Describe each company's target market. Do NOT include definitions of target market or segmentation. 2) How does the choice of target market influence the company's pricing and promotion (from what you know so far)? (

Developing an Advertising Media Flowchart and Budget

Your client is a computer company of your choice. Choose 1 computer client. You can visit this Web site to find out more about various computer brands. You are designing the media plan throughout the session for your client. Develop the advertising media flowchart and budget. This week you are organizing your client's adv

Marketing Plan for Service Depot: Phase I

Objective: Create a new product or service for an existing organization. This product or service will be the basis for your Marketing Plan Paper. Obtain your instructo's approval of your product or service before beginning this project. Company is a new made up idea called Service Depot. It provides services to people who ma

Marketing Scene: Write a story with a marketing focus

The Brainstorming Conference is nearly over. This is my chance to show what I've have learned and it could be my opportunity to become a published writer. In the initial stage, I was introduced to "The Marketing Scene." http://www.themarketingscene.com/index.php. The stories on the site encompass the following marketing

Brand Building of Nokia

PART 1: Primary Research and Text Application Find a consumer who is extremely loyal to a brand-name product. Probe him or her for information as to why that brand loyalty exists. Discuss how the individual feels about competitive brands. Analyze the interview using the brand equity and brand positioning concepts from you

Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs

What is a hierarchy of needs? Provide examples of one or more products that enable you to satisfy each of the four levels of need.

Layoff/Severence Scenario for Sarah Schiffler, marketing assistant

Layoff/Severence Scenario After eight years as a marketing assistant for the New York office of a large French bank, Sarah Schiffler was told that her job, in a non-revenue producing department was being eliminated. Her choices: She could either be laid off (with eight months' severance pay) or stay on and train for the posi

Services Marketing for Hoag Hospital to Attract New Members

See attached file. Assignment: How would (or would not) a hospital such as Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA apply principles of services marketing to attract new members? Use Service Marketing concepts like the ones found here or the attached: http://www.salesvantage.com/article/1351/Services-Marketing-Is-Different-Th

Recruitment for Harrison Corporation: Rewards consideration, attract candidates

Harrison Corporation Profile Harrison Corporation, a U.S.-based corporation with business units in Europe and South America, has recently decided to create a business unit focusing on expansion into Central America. As a low-cost producer of discount office supply products, the company's products will continue to be produced

Developing a Creative Brief

Please help with the following problem: It is time to develop the creative brief. A creative brief allows the marketer to determine the goals and objectives of the marketing and media plan. It is a creative strategy that gives your audience a "reason to believe." Your creative brief should include the following: The n

Consumer Perception

How could a marketing manager for (a) the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) anti-drunk driving campaign, (b) a deodorant, or (c) a restaurant chain of sub shops use the information on consumer perception to create a national advertising campaign?

Assessing Marketing Opportunities

Create your own marketing strategy for it. â?¢Define and explain what segmentation is, and discuss different segmentation bases you could use for your product/service. â?¢Based on your segmentation, describe each of the target markets that you would seek to reach. Explain why they will be the most profitable for your pr

Marketing: The final (P) Promotion for Cabela

Submit an analysis for the final P (promotion) for the Cabela's tents and sleeping bags. The analysis should cover all the aspects related to promoting these products, to the customer, as well as to other promotional audiences: What is the communication strategy? What are the communication channels/media? Who represents th

CRM: Consumer Data Collection

CRM: Consumer Data Collection AirWays has recently implemented a CRM system. After getting familiar with the key elements of the CRM technology and determining how the company can best use it to improve its customer retention, I have to make sure I give support of my choices with well-reasoned arguments and external sources.

Design a customer survey to help determine media choices

Part I: Design a customer survey to help determine media choices. Based on the customer target that you analyzed last week, develop a survey of 5â?"7 questions to find out more about this segment. Make sure to include the following in your plans: One question from your survey should ask customers what type of media they

Joanna Capella came to work for Educational Books (a small academic publishing house) in 2000 as an assistant to Arthur Moore, CEO. In 2003, Moore, her mentor, promoted her to vice president in charge of author relations. Her responsibilities included putting scholars under contract to write academic works. From 2003-2005 she failed to sign anyone upper management considered significant. In 2005 she was reassigned to a position as Vice President in Charge of Marketing where her primary duty was to promote the company at book conventions. Upon reassignment, she promptly resigned from the company and brought suit for sexual harassment/constructive discharge. It is undisputed by either side that Moore and Capella had a consensual sexual relationship which ended in late 2002. It is also undisputed that Mr. Moore stated on two occasions to other executives that Ms. Capella â??was a good lay. Ms. Capella was not present for these statements. It is also undisputed that Mr. Jeffrey Marx, also a vice president, stated in 2004 that she 'only had her job because of her personal relationship with the boss'. Sandy Alder, also a vice president is quoted as saying in front of three subordinates with Ms. Capella present that Capella 'slept her way to the middle.' Lastly, one of these three subordinates, Victor Johnson asked her on an occasion in early 2005 if 'I could sleep with you to get a promotion?' He later apologized and said he was joking. Educational Book's Executive Handbook has a strong anti-harassment policy. The handbook also provides for a complaint procedure by filing an official complaint which, at the executive level, is sent to Mr. Moore for investigation and action. Ms. Capella did not ever file such a form. My team represents Capella and will bring suit on her behalf. Outline your arguments citing any articles, or cases. Here are the positive points: She was promoted after 3 years She had a sexual relationship with her boss He told people on two occasions she was a good lay (but she was not there) Marx said she only got her job because of her relationship with the boss Alder said she slept her way to the middle in front of her and three subordinates One of these subordinates, Johnson, asked her if he could sleep with her to get a promotion The Executive Handbook has a strong anti-harassment policy Any complaints would have had to go through Mr. Moore for investigation and action Negative Issues: She was promoted a year after the sexual relationship ended She failed to sign anyone upper management considered significant from 2003-2005 She resigned She had a consensual sexual relationship She was not present when Moore told people she was a "good lay" Johnson later apologized for his comment She never filed any complaints Could this be presented as a Title VII sexual discrimination case? I believe this is something we might look at? On the other hand, maybe it could be a state handbook violation contract case as well.

Joanna Capella came to work for Educational Books (a small academic publishing house) in 2000 as an assistant to Arthur Moore, CEO. In 2003, Moore, her mentor, promoted her to vice president in charge of author relations. Her responsibilities included putting scholars under contract to write academic works. From 2003-2005 she fa