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    Services Marketing for Hoag Hospital to attract new members

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    How would (or would not) a hospital such as Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA apply principles of services marketing to attract new members? Use Service Marketing concepts like the ones found here or the attached:


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    How Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA would apply principles of services marketing to attract new members

    Hoag Hospital, a not for profit regional health care provider in Orange county California, offers comprehensive blend of specialized healthcare services such as vascular, heart and cancer, women's health, neurosciences, orthopedics and primary care. These are services that are directed to the health of individuals (Speth, 2011; Hoag, 2011). Marketing their services would entail selling their reliability, expertise and capabilities and their commitment to excellent service.

    Since Hoag Hospital provides healthcare services rather than products such treating patients, providing primary care for the sick among others it is important that they be able to market these services in a different and unique way than the way a product would be marketed. Services are often intangible, inseparable, perishable and heterogeneous differing from tangible products which consumers can be able to hold and touch (Palmer, 2000; Vargo & Lusch, 2004). This implies that Hoag Hospital has to apply strategies that are can be able to effectively market their service provision.

    One of the most important ways that Hoag Hospital can be able to attract new members is by ensuring that the physical manifestations of their services are excellent (Zeithaml & Bitner, 2000; OxfordLearningLab video, 2011). These mainly include the health service providers. The doctors, nurses and every person responsible for providing health care should be able to inspire confidence in the service they delivering by being courteous, reliable, responsive to clients needs and ...

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    Service marketing for Hoag Hospital to attract new members is examined in the solution. The expert uses service marketing concepts to examine the Hospital in Newport Beach, Ca.