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Discussing the Service Gap,

Please see the attached file. Q&A Discuss the Gap Model of Service Quality found on page 368 of your textbook. Discuss how you had a personal experience with a Service gap and how was the service gap Closed (or not closed)?

Global marketing GP5

Take the following steps for Phase III: Complete the detailed marketing plan selected above for the chosen company/product/country. The report should also include a 2-3 page summary of the description of the company, description of the product, the selection process for the country-market, and the selection process for the bes

Events and Recreation Management - Sales, Marketing and Target Markets

1. What are some technologies used in event sales and marketing? What effect have these technologies had on event sales and marketing? What are some benefits and risks associated with utilizing these technologies? 2. What are some strategies to reach your target market? How do you determine which strategy to prioritize? How m

Internet has impacted creating names for new products

1. How do you think the Internet has impacted creating names for new products? 2. Avoiding multilingual gaffes As we think about marketing and launching new products, keep in mind your products may eventually cross borders - especially if you are selling on the Internet. Here are some examples of companies that may have bene

Are Target Markets Needed for Web-Based Companies?

If a company sells its products only from a website, which is accessible over the Internet to customers from all over the world, does it still need to worry about having a specific target market? Explain your reasoning.

Pricing and Distribution in Marketing Decisions

Contrast the pricing and distribution strategies of Westin Hotels vs Motel 6. (1) What is the pricing strategy used by each company? What are the reasons for and/or against a price reduction for this particular product or service? (2) How is this product distributed, i.e., how do customers and clients find it? How does ea

Marketing Opportunities

Your manager believes in learning from other companies' success stories as well as stories of failure. In particular, she likes to apply various management theories when possible, rather than starting from the beginning every time a decision has to be made. She asks you to write a memo to her addressing the following: From an

need solution please

You are a marketing manager who has been asked to present a PowerPoint presentation to your employees on the marketing research process. Prepare at least a 15-slide PowerPoint to explain to your employees about the marketing research process. Your PowerPoint presentation must include the following: Title and Business Name W

Marketing plans for countries with cultural and communication differences

The firm's marketing team has never created a marketing plan for potential clients outside of mainstream American culture. The firm now has been tasked with designing marketing plans for the firm's major products of cosmetics and women's clothing that will reach specific cultures your firm has targeted: Japanese, Brazil, and Leb

Product for marketing campaign

The United States is experiencing inflation, increased unemployment, and escalating gas prices. A 71-year-old food company is associated with hard times, and as the economy heads downward, the product bucks the cycle and enjoys sales increases. During the down economy, marketers are experimenting with various tactics to entic

Pricing and Distribution in Marketing Decisions

Need help getting going with a paper. Specifics are as follows: Contrast the pricing and distribution strategies of Rolex and Timex. (1) What is the pricing strategy used by each company? What are the reasons for and/or against a price reduction for this particular product or service? (2) How is this product distributed

Advance Marketing: Design vs. Functionality

Nielsen Norman [professor of computer science, psychology and cognitive science at Northwestern University in Chicago and User Experience Architect" and fellow at Apple Computer in California and author of ground-breaking book, The Psychology of Everyday Things] in his book, "Emotional Design" posits that there are three levels

Integrated marketing communications techniques

To create an effective media plan, you need to know who your customers are and what connects them to your organization or product. You bring this issue up at your marketer's networking meeting. Select one of the following businesses types: coffee industry retail furniture Review the marketing strategies of 2 different co

Pricing and Distribution in marketing

Please see the attachment for the complete question. Contrast the pricing and distribution strategies of these two products of Timex and Rolex. (1) What is the pricing strategy used by Timex and Rolex? What are the reasons for and/or against a price reduction for this particular product? (2) How is this product distributed,

Store Improvements for Better Shopping Experience

Today's retailers have gone to extraordinary lengths to create a shopping experience based on more than just the products they sell and the services they offer. Clothing purveyor Abercrombie & Fitch, for instance, adorns its stores with oversized posters of sexy, half-dressed models and sprays its signature scent throughout the

Global Marketing: Legal conflicts and issues, political risk

1. Global marketers can avoid legal conflicts by understanding the reasons conflicts arise in the first place. Identify and describe several legal issues that relate to global commerce. 2. Describe some of the sources of political risk. Specifically, what forms can political risk take?

Internet marketing strategies: segments, customer benefit, competitor advantage

Your manager has asked you to investigate the Internet marketing strategies used by the company's major competitors. Use the Library, the Internet, and any other resources to research competitors and prepare a presentation. Here are the questions to address for each of the companies you selected. Answer each question for at leas

Pitching a Product as Green

What was once pseudo Earth Day is now a year-round, Green marketing revolution, as described in the following: - Purchasers of a national magazine qualified for a free reusable shopping bag. - A reality show eliminated water bottles from the set. - A popular water bottle company rolled out a new bottle made of 3

Ranking Marketing Options for Red Bull

Rank a minimum of five marketing options under the categories of advertising, personal selling, public relations, and promotions for Red Bull Energy drink and Include the following: > Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each communication venue and justify your choices based on the target market and the competition. >

Product Adoption Category: Influencing Consumers

Choose a product category that you use on a regular basis. For that category, where do you fall in terms of product adoption categories? As a marketer, do you think you could influence where your consumers fall in this category?

International Marketing: Coca Cola

For Coca-cola: 1.Identify the relevant controllable and uncontrollable elements that the company has dealt with in entering a global market. 2.Using resources from the Library's full-text databases, discuss the major sources of risk facing the company within its international markets? Discuss 2 potential solutions. 3.Crit

Rolex and Timex: Comparison of Promotion Strategies

See the attached file. Assume that you are the newly hired promotion manager for Rolex watches and Timex watches: 1-Compare the promotion strategies for the two products and brands. How does each company tailor its promotion to reach its own target market? 2- Where do these brands advertise? On the Internet? On televis

Introduction and Conclusion for Ford Motor Company

Please provide an introduction and conclusion for the following: Ford Motor Company introduces new hybrid car, the Cell. Identify the segmentation criteria that will affect your target market selection. Identify your target markets, buyers, consumers and competitors

New Movie Release to members before theaters: Competitive landscape for prodeuct

Currently working on a marketing plan for a new product: the new product is a movie club that allows members to view movies before they are released to theaters. What I need help on is the analysis of current competitors (theaters possibly since theaters will lose revenue since members of the club will already seen the movie?).

Minority Report Target Markets

Can you help me with this assignment? You are to prepare a report for your supervisor on the size, location, purchasing power, and market potential for the 3 largest minority target markets in the country. Use information on the U.S. for the following information: - Total numbers in the U.S. - Percent of the

Wealth/Power in United States, Class Theories, Policy Process

You are writing a letter to the editor to a prestigious national newspaper or magazine. Your purpose is to discuss a current issue in the United States as related to the distribution and concentration of wealth in the United States. Write a paper, modeled after a letter to the editor, in which you address the following poin