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Pitching a Product as Green

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What was once pseudo Earth Day is now a year-round, Green marketing revolution, as described in the following:

- Purchasers of a national magazine qualified for a free reusable shopping bag.
- A reality show eliminated water bottles from the set.
- A popular water bottle company rolled out a new bottle made of 30% less plastic.

- Pick an existing consumer product.
- Pitch an idea to the product's manufacturer to position it as Green. Sell the concept as if you are the marketing executive for the Green company looking to win the account.
- Identify your competition, and discuss how your new and improved product is poised to compete.

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The solution provides a written pitch for Dove products, selling them as environment-friendly, in polite language. 471 words with references.

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Dove Beauty Soap has been popular for decades with women. New body washes and liquid soaps have become more popular with women over time, but Dove is still one of the most loved bar soaps on the market. Women love the 1/4 moisturizing cream slogan and trust it for its moisturizing and gentle care on faces and bodies.

The one complaint women and every one who uses a bar soap has is the cartons. Despite various types, manufacturing styles, coatings, the cartons become soggy and fall apart, making it necessary to buy other containers for travel or storage of the soap bars. Dove, in an effort to make the "All women are beautiful" campaign even more popular, would like to offer an alternative to ...

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