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Store Improvements for Better Shopping Experience

Today's retailers have gone to extraordinary lengths to create a shopping experience based on more than just the products they sell and the services they offer. Clothing purveyor Abercrombie & Fitch, for instance, adorns its stores with oversized posters of sexy, half-dressed models and sprays its signature scent throughout the store. Visit your own favorite retailer and check out the look and feel of the store. Notice background music, lighting, colors, decorations, signs, layout, and the appearance of the salespeople. Then, develop recommendations for how your store could improve the shopping experience for you and other customers.

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The Supreme (Clothing Store)

Overall experience was great, as I visited the store there were few things that I would like to improve in order to attract more customers.


The perception of sight is a question of acceptability to the eye. Sight perception involves color, lighting, harmony, contrast, order, and space. Many sight needs are subconscious, yet are an extremely important ingredient of the total atmosphere. The store should add more of the visual merchandiser to increase the sale of the product. It needs to increase the technology is to ...

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