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    Customer Experience Evaluation:Sears/Nordstrom's

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    Select two retailers in the same industry Identify that have two different target markets, a category of retailer listed on the Retail Categories Worksheet attached.

    Describe your experience at each store. Describe the customer service at the stores and whether the stores met your expectations. Formulate strategies for how the stores could exceed your expectations as the customer. Comment on the demographics of the other customers. Evaluate the overall shopping experience at each store and explain the importance of customer satisfaction to both stores.

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    Shopping at Sears is an adventure: the stores are cavernous and bland, filled with unimaginative products displayed as if part of a garage sale. The employees seemed to be tethered to the check stand area, merely there to ring up sales, not to help customers. To say the store lacks spirit is an understatement. The store I visited appeared to have been in a time warp, with little or no upkeep performed during the last several decades. In fact, when Sears announced this week they would be closing 100 stores, few consumers were surprised. The inventory is uninspired, the employees unhelpful, and the facilities mediocre at best. Customers shopping at Sears are predominantly middle-class ($60,000 to $100,000) Caucasian females, 35 to 49 years of age.

    I was shopping for a weight bench that Sear's website stated was available in store, only to be dismissed by the clerk who stated that the weight bench was not available, and he offered no other options. I didn't know what to expect from Sear's, except that it had been one of our mall's anchors for years. I was hoping for good value and good quality. I was sorely disappointed.

    In order to improve Sear's operations I would add life to ...

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    This solution evaluates the customer experience at Sears and Nordstrom's. It discusses their different target markets, the experience at each store, and level of customer service. Strategies are formulated for the stores to improve. Demographics are discussed and the overall shopping experience is discussed. Customer satisfaction importance is also explained.