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1. How do you think the Internet has impacted creating names for new products?
2. Avoiding multilingual gaffes

As we think about marketing and launching new products, keep in mind your products may eventually cross borders - especially if you are selling on the Internet. Here are some examples of companies that may have benefited from additional market research. How could you avoid making these mistakes? Do you know of any other international marketing mistakes you would like to share?

Avoiding multilingual gaffes


3. When I first took my marketing course, I learned that marketing was about the 4 Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. That is, a good marketer should be able to find a product that is demanded, price it correctly, make it available for customers to find, and promote it so that customer can desire it. I have no doubt that there are good marketers out there who can sell everything.

However, I have a friend who defines himself as a bad consumer. He believes that all those products that are being advertised today are simply not needed. He does very little shopping, and buys only things he believes he needs. As a marketer, how would you capture that type of customer? What do you believe marketers do wrong to capture people like him? What do you think? I will appreciate your views.

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Thsi solution discussed the Internet and launching new products as well as marketing courses.

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1. How do you think the Internet has impacted creating names for new products?

I think the Internet has impacted creating names for products in a number of ways. A person has to check the World Wide Web to find out if their business name has been used or not. I had to do this when I was putting together my own personal website for my tutoring and authorship of articles and a book I got published. Thankfully, the company I went through automatically does a search, and I am able to find out immediately upon signing up with them. This was a sigh of relief because of the fact that I did not have to do the extra work to find out, and the Internet sped up the process. Additionally, an individual quickly learns that he or she can obtain a copyright on the World Wide Web through going each step. This means that one can quickly become aware of the possibilities in order to not have legal issues in the future. I find this quite true in our world today because much discretion is needed, so that excellent customer service occurs on a regular basis no matter what part of the world one lives. A person has to decide for themselves on how to go about building their business by having a plan or a strategy, then he or she can make a sound decision on which direction to take it before relying on the Internet to determine if the same ...

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