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Decision Support for Internet Services

Investigate the following details:
The current state of the art in the technology being reported on
The vendors of such technology
How data is validated
How technology can be used to facilitate decision methods described in the class
Privacy and confidentiality issues

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Current state of internet services

The internet has proved to be one of the most dynamic fields globally and many people and businesses are attracted to the technology due to convenience. The internet has allowed millions of people to be connected either the computer, telephone or other devices and more than a hundred countries have access to the internet. The internet can be termed as decentralized because a host can determine the internet service to use and what information will be shared through the internet.

The internet service industry is broad and diverse in nature but is mainly classified into network services and applications. The network service sector can further be classified into dial up, wholesale or dedicated while the application sector is classified into web hosting, VPN and e-commerce. Since this industry is dynamic providers are constantly coming up with new technologies that have higher speeds. There are numerous services provided in the internet and this will definitely continue due to innovation and competition.

Internet services in the year 2010 were worth $ 21.45 billion and it is expected that in 2011 sales will be more than $ 22.5 billion (Worldwide Internet, 2010). Norway is ranked as the country with highest rate of penetration followed by Sweden while the United States is ranked fifth. Japan has the highest broadband speed and has a speed of 61mbps while the United States has 4.8 mbps (Worldwide Internet, 2010). Mobile phones are also used in accessing the internet and this sector is ...

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