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Internet Use by Businesses

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Please help with the following questions.

1. How can a business use the Internet? Provide three examples with web links demonstrating your answer.

2. Select four Internet browsers and provide three positive and 3 negative features about each, summarize your findings.

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1. How can a business use the Internet?
a. Example 1: To Advertise
Businesses utilize the internet to advertise their products and services. Advertising on the Internet is different than the traditional media advertising. All the advertisements are not-real-time (or offline) pages linked to another pages.
Examples: http://www.web-source.net/internet_advertising.htm
b. Example 2: To Recruit
Many companies and recruiting agencies use the internet as a tool to recruit employees. Today, it is almost impossible to apply for a job in person. Almost every company requires online application.
Example: http://www.indeed.com/
c. Example 3: To Sell
Last but not least, ...

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Please help with these questions regarding Internet use by businesses. It discusses how a business can use the Internet, and positive and negative features of various Internet browsers are given.