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    Information technology

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    How can information technology support a company's business processes and decision making and give it a competitive advantage? Give examples to illustrate your answer. Name one to three information technology systems used at your current (or past) employer. How did these systems serve your organization?

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    //Information technology or Technology support provides the customers with various kinds of advanced technology products. While writing this paper, we will focus on how the information technology supports the company's business in making better decisions by giving an example. Later on, we will name some of the technology support systems that are used by the current employer by explaining how these systems serve the organizations in an effective manner//

    Information technology provides the most advantageous feature to the company as the company can connect world wide through internet. There are a number of people who get the services of the internet and they are the customers, buyers, service providers, technical staff, etc. Information technology provides a platform for a company to connect the global world with Internet. Internet has a wide range of customers, buyers, service providers, technical staff, etc. various means of communications are provided by the information system and technology. For example, E-mail, instant messages, SMS servers, etc which is provided to all the employees and they can avail ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 653 words with references