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    Internet Storage

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    You would like to save the digital pictures you took on vacation onto your hard drive, but it would take up too much storage space. You have heard you can increase your computer's storage capacity by using Internet storage.

    Explain what is Internet storage.
    Write down all the reasons why you would or would not use Internet storage. List at least one advantage and one disadvantage of using Internet storage.
    Would you recommend Internet storage to a normal user?

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    An Internet or online storage is a web site that allows users to store their files of any kind through the Internet. The service providers on Internet storage provides a certain amount of file storage space for every user account so that files can be stored online and can also be retrieved anywhere using an Internet connection. The Internet storage not only allows extra file storage for users, but also allows availability of files anywhere without having the actual physical drive present.

    Internet storage offers extra storage space virtually. This ...

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