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Internet Use Policy for Your Organization

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Internet use policies are often utilized in companies. Conduct independent research on these and develop an Internet use policy for your organization or an organization of your choice. Specify how this is particularly relevant to your local situation, and explain why you have rejected some provisions in other Internet use documents you have read (Provide references to the work and add a personal conclusion to the work. References do not count to the wording count).

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Internet policies explain that what should be the appropriate behaviour of internet browsing at the workplace. There are several policies that companies should use while using the internet in the working environment. Policy enforces the companies to implement time restrictions for the employees, when browsing the internet for non work related tasks. Further, organizations should also give instructions to the employees regarding what sites they are allowed to browse (Lehr & Pupillo, 2009). Another policy is Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), it is a policy that ensures that employees should follow directives that serve to safeguard their work environment and IT network infrastructure.

Further, employees are also not allowed to use the social networking sites such as chatting with friends and family, playing games, shopping online etc. All these activities need to be bound within the workplace and during the working hours. Wasting the time in doing all such things will affect the overall productivity of the organizations. Internet may also affect the business activity and lead to the illegal activity. Through the internet, employees will share the companies' secret to other companies and outside employees will also get the private information of the companies.

Moreover, internet may also ...

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The solution discusses the Internet use policy for the organization.

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