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Events and Recreation Management - Sales, Marketing and Target Markets

1. What are some technologies used in event sales and marketing? What effect have these technologies had on event sales and marketing? What are some benefits and risks associated with utilizing these technologies?

2. What are some strategies to reach your target market? How do you determine which strategy to prioritize? How may you determine your strategies' effectiveness?

3. What are some examples of target markets for event planners? How do you identify an event's appropriate target market? Can you have more than one target market? If so, how? If not, why not?

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In recent years, internet and mobile technologies have revolutionized the way marketing takes place. In event sales and marketing as well, some of the recent technologies used in sales and marketing include web marketing, mobile/SMS marketing, etc. Web marketing is not only cost effective but also provides immense reach and ability to engage in viral campaigns in short period of times. Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter are being increasingly used to market events. Similarly, increasing mobile usage has motivated event marketers to use mobile content and SMS as an ...

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The advance of technology and its influence on marketing is provided, as well as a discussion on target markets for event planners. It is approximately 380 words.