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Four products in a supermarket and positioning

On your next visit to the supermarket, select a product category and make notes on the packaging of several different brands with regard to the positioning of each with that category.

Now you are required to write your thoughts on its position strategy, including the element of its marketing mix that supports its positioning?

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Let us first define what marketing mix is:

It is:
place - where the product is sold
product - what the product consists of
people - who will buy it
promotion - what is used to sell it

So I think an interesting product category is breakfast cereals. There is so much diversity in this category that it will be clear to illustrate the differentiation in products.

Cereal 1: toddler cereal called Nurtios. Specifically formulated for toddlers. Branded as a healthy cereal and snack for toddlers. The packaging has a happy smiling baby and is quite simple.
POSITIONING: for mothers who want to provide their babies with a high quality, healthy cereal

Cereal 2: Any kids cereal. Bright, colourful packaging. Free toy inside. Often a cartoon character. The flavor of the cereal is often irrelevant, it is the quality and brightness of the packaging that rules
POSITIONING: Kids asking their parents to buy it for them

Cereal 3: Adult ...

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